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One of the best DISCORD music bot!



🎶 Welcome to Euphony!

Euphony is an amazing music bot with an amazing pace with no glitches! Euphony has an amazing prefix and almost very easy to use. The bot is always online and is really reliable if you want to chill and relax to the beats of music!

🔗 Links:

  • Support Server
  • Euphony's Website
  • Vote Euphony

  • 📜 Commands:

    🎶 Music Commands:

    -play : Plays the requested song!

    -search : Searches for a song.

    -playlist : Plays a playlist from YouTube.

    -pause : Pauses all the current playing songs.

    -resume : Resumes the paused songs.

    -queue : Shows the songs in the queue.

    -lyrics : Shows the lyrics of the played song.

    -loop : Loops the entire queue.

    -np : Shows the current playing song.

    -volume : Shows the server volume.

    -skip : Skips the current song.

    -stop : Stops the playback and ends the queue.

    -shuffle : Shuffles the entire queue.

    -skipto : Skips to a specific song.

    -remove : Removes a song from the queue.

    -afk : Keeps the bot in VC 24/7.

    📰 Info Commands:

    -user-info : Shows advanced statistics about a user.

    -stats : Shows the bots statistics.

    -ping : Shows the bots latency.

    -support : Shows the developer contact details.

    -invite : Shows the bots Invite link.

    -help : Shows the help message of the bot.

    -vote : Shows the bot voting message.

    🔨 Moderation Commands:

    -ban: Bans a user from the server or outside the server.

    -kick : Kicks a user from the server.

    -warn : Warns a user in the server.

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