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Jenni is a simple Moderation, Fun, Entertainment bot, among other utilities!






je!botinfo - Shows all bot information je!servericon - Provides a photo of the server for download je!ping - Shows the bot ping je!host - Shows VPS information je!convite - Shows the bot invitation je!avatar - Provides a user’s profile photo for download je!findemoji - Search and add emojis from servers that harumi is on je!lembrete - Command used to set a reminder, it can set the time from hours to seconds, and what it will remember in your private je!userinfo - Command used to show user information, such as account time, his account status, positions that the person is on the server and much more je!serverinfo - Command used to show general server information


je!ban - Ban the group user je!clear - Clear the chat where the command was executed je!kick - Used to kick any user je!lock - Used to block a specific channel je!mute - Used to change the desired user for any time je!setlog - You can choose a channel to appear when you kick or ban someone je!removelog - Command used to remove the ban and kick log je!unlock - Command used to unlock the channel je!unmute - Command used to demute someone je!warn - Command used to give a warning to the user je!unwarn - Command used to remove a warning from the user je!warnlist - Command used to display the list of users with a warning


je!bug - Command used for the community using the bot to report a bug, which goes straight to the support server je!help - Command used to show all bot commands and their support server je!uptime - Command used to show how long the bot is awake je!sugestão - Command used to suggest a command, which goes straight to the support server


je!8ball - Command used to answer users’ questions je!ascii - Command used to transform text into a drawing je!beijar - Command used to kiss someone je!chutar - Command used to kick someone je!coinflip - Command used to draw something lucky, like heads or tails je!corrida - Simulates a race between two members je!dog - Command used to show cute dogs je!fake - Creates a fake of a desired person je!falar - Make the bot say something for you je!fumar - Smoke a cigarette je!hug - Makes you hug a desired person je!morse - Turns everything typed into Morse code je!picolé - Makes you take a picole with someone je!policia - Command used to arrest someone je!soco - Makes you punch someone

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