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One of THE most fun, interactive, addictive and obviously multi-purpose bot to ever set foot on Discord. Behold, Patrol Bot 🤠









Presenting Patrol bot, your soon-to-be favorite and top bot for your server! What do we got? Pretty solid Moderation Commands(!Forceban, !Crown, etc), Amazing Roleplay/Action commands(!Boop, !Nom, !bonks, etc), one of THE best, life-like and solid Economy(!pray, !coinflip, !jackpot, etc), Badge System & Leveling System which rewards you more with how much active you are in a server. Another highlight of bot is the Voting System 😎 Ever wanted to reward you hard-working mods who are loved by you and members-alike? Mod of the Week Leaderboard! Spotted simps among us?? Simp of the Week leaderboard! Got a star-performer in your server, MVP of the Week with the help of Reputations leaderboard! Just wanna share some cookies with your fav buddies?? We got plenty ready, hot and fresh to serve!

Other Amazing Commands:

  • !Fight: Fight anyone and if you win, the person shall be muted for a random amount of time. If you lose, you'll be 😭
  • !Snap: Don't have message delete perms? No problems! Take a risk and snap your infinity gauntlet, and there's a 50-50 chance of either clearing an X amount of messages or you getting silenced 🤐
  • !Russian-Roulette: 6 Players can join a game of Russian Roulette and 1 unlucky person will get evicted out from the server 🔫

👉Invite Patrol Bot to your beautiful server and see it shine even brighter 🚔😋
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