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A new RPG/Gacha bot with original characters and both active and idle gameplay. Currently in Beta.


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Small 0.8.4 Hotfixes

I've added two small things: * The [info] command will show you how many players and server this bot has, the total gold and rubidics in the economy, and the three most used acolytes! Let me know if you want anything else added. * [expo] is now a valid alias of [expedition]. I feel like I have done a lot to add features to this bot, and at this point literally can't add anything else unless someone tells me to do. If you want something to be added, changed, or adjusted, please let me know in `#game-ideas` on the support server and we can discuss it!


Ayesha Beta

Ayesha is Discord's newest gacha game! Create a character and join your friends on an adventure through the continent of Rabidus, collecting gold and materials to level up.

Use the tutorial and help commands to get started! Or join the support server to ask for help and make suggestions.


  • Customize your character with several roles and origins.
  • Develop strategies to defeat the 25 bosses!
  • Battle friends and enemies with the pvp commands.
  • Collect rubidics to roll for acolytes and weapons.
  • Explore the game's original map, collecting materials to level up your acolytes.
  • Go on long expeditions, gaining xp and gold!
  • Join brotherhoods or guilds, strengthening your character or seeking ways to gain more gold.

Coming Soon!

  • Artwork
  • Bot-wide raids

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