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ZERO_ONE is an amazing all in one bot! We have TONS of mod, music ,fun , mod mail commands.








We have a wide range of commands. currently we have 48 commands being. This is meant to be that can help you run your WHOLE server

For help do


[Change prefix][xc.prefix <New prefix,ex. ! >]
<description: Chnage the prefix for your server>

[Mute][xc.mute <@user> <time min,day,years> <Reason>]
<description: Mutes mentioned user>

[Unmute][xc.unmute <@user>]
<description: Unmute user>

[Kick][xc.kick <@user> <Reason>]
<description: Kicks mentioned user>

[Ban][xc.ban <@user> <reason>]
<description: Ban a member>

[Unban][xc.unban <user#1234>]
<description: Unban user>

[Clear][xc.clear <amount of messages>]
<description: clear a certain amount of messages>

<description: Clears JUST the selected channel>

[Auto role][xc.autorole]
<description: Gives role on member joining. (to turn off do xc.autorole and follow the instructions>

[Reaction Roles][xc.reactionrole]
<description: Make a message to give members roles when they react.>

[Add role][xc.addrole <@user> <role name>]
<description: Add a role to someone>

[Remove Role][xc.removerole <@user> <role NAME>]
<description: Remove role from user>

[Add vc][xc.avchan <name for vc>]
<description: Add voice channel>

[Delete vc][xc.dvchan <vc name>]
<description: Delete voice channel >

[Add text chan][xc.atchan <name for tc>]
<description: Add text channel>

[Remove text chan][xc.dtchan <channel name>]
<description: Delete text channel>

[Message logger][xc.msg_log_setup]
<description: Sets a channel to log ALL messages! (To remove just delete logging channel.)>

[Join messages][xc.joinmess <channel id where you want the message> <your message>]
<description: This sets a join messages in specific channel. (to remove just do xc.joinmess 12 12) >

[Leave messages][xc.leavemess <channel id where you want the message> <your message>]
<description: This sets a leave messages in specific channel. (to remove just do xc.leavemess 12 12)>


[Math][xc.Math <number one> <+ or - or * or /> <number two>]
<description: +,-,*,/ two numbers>

[Ball][xc.ball <question>]
<description: Ask a question!>

[YT][ <name of video you are looking for>]
<description: Search for a video on YouTube fast>

[Fortnite Stats][xc.fortnite <username>]
<description: Get your fortnite stats!>

[Urban][xc.urban <your search>]
<description: Search for Urban Dictionary>

[Profile picture][xc.pfp <@member>]
<description: enlarge user pfp>

[Userinfo][xc.userinfo <@user>]
<description: check user info>

<description: Shows members with and without bots>

[Translate][xc.trans <language or language code> <what you are translating>]
<description: Translate languages>

<description: Shows you the languages and their codes>

[Bot invite][xc.invite]
<description: Sends you bot invite!>

[Discord invite][xc.discordinv]
<description: Sends you discord invite!>


[Play][ <name of yt video OR link to yt video>]
<description: Play a videos audio in voice chat THIS ALSO ADDS VIDEOS TO QUEUE>

<description: This PAUSES current video>

<description: Resumes pause audio. (play does the same thing)>

<description: This STOPS AND ENDS current video>

<description: Skips current audio>

<description: Connect to your current voice chat>

<description: Displays your queue>

[Equalizer][xc.equalizer <flat, metal, boost, piano>]
<description: Change the ton of the audio>

[Swap DJ][xc.swap_dj <@member>]
<description: Change current DJ>

<description: Shuffle the players queue.>

[Now Playing][xc.nowplaying]
<description: Gives you the current song>

[Volume][xc.volume <1-100>]
<description: Changes bot volume>

[Clear Queue][xc.clearqueue]
<description: It clears your queue>


[Open a in-server ticket][ <reason for open>]
<description: Open a ticket in ANY server the bot is in>

[Close open ticket][xc.close]
<description: Close your open ticket>

[Open DM ticket][Message bot in DMs]
<description: Make a ticket and talk through your DMs>

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