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This cool bot has a lot of cool features for moderation, fun, and more!


DeezGunz Discord Bot

Cool Features!

Commands are added frequently, so make sure to check the help embed on the DeezGunz bot for a more descriptive version of all of the commands! All commands below are used with the prefix, "$"

Fun and Misc. Commands

add - x + y!

birdfacts - Facts about Birds!

birdimage - Get some Bird images!

botlists - View the websites that I am listed in!

bubblewrap - Popping Bubblewrapping is fun!

catfacts - Facts about Cats!

catimage Get some Cat images!

decodebinary - Decode messages in Binary!

decrypt - Decrypt messages in Base64!

divide - x / y!

dm - DM a member in your server!

dogfacts - Facts about Dogs!

dogimage - Get some Dog images!

echo - Echo any statement or phrase!

encodebinary - Encode a phrase in Binary!

encrypt - Encrypt messages in Base64!

flex - Flexing DeezGunz

flip - Flip a coin!

foxfacts - Facts about Foxes!

germanshepherdimage - Get some German Sheperd images!

goldenretrieverimage - Get some Golden Retriever images!

guess - Guess a random number from 1 to 100!

invite - Invite me to your server!

isFib - Is a in the Fibbonaci Sequence?

joke - Get some hilarious jokes!

koalafacts - Facts about Koalas!

lyrics - Find out song lyrics!

meme - Get some dank memes!

mirror - Mirror any statement or phrase!

multiply - x * y!

number - Get a random number from 1 to 100!

pandafacts - Facts about Pandas!

pandaimage - Get some Panda images!

ping - Find out my ping!

power - a to the power of b!

prefix - Get my prefix!

rap - Get some cool raps made by Chillz!

root - √x = y!

server - Go to my owner's server!

servers - Shows my servers!

shibeimage - Get some Shibe images!

stats - View my statistics!

story - Read to the one word story!!

subtract - x - y!

support - Go to my support server!

userinfo - Get raw data about you!

weather - Get the weather in an area!

website - View my website!

Moderation Commands

ban Ban someone from your server!

kick Kick someone out of your server!

warn Warn someone in your server!

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