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Ping Meter : Calculate the bot's ping. Statistics : Show bot's "on how many servers?" "How many users does it have?" User Information : It shows the information of the user you are referring to. Vote System : Sunucuda gelişmiş bir oylama sistemi. Covid-19 Information : It shows the number of cases and deaths of the country code you entered. Weather Forecast : Shows the weather for the state entered. Avatar : Gives the profile photo of the person you are referring to. Emoji Information : You will get the information of the emoji you want. Ottoman Knowledge : You will learn about the world's largest empire, the ottoman. 8ball : It answers the question you ask as Yes / No / Maybe / Impossible / Possible. FBI : This is a fun command, fbi will print your house. Banner : It turns the text you wrote into a picture. Cry : You make the application cry. Ban : It helps ban a user. Ban Log : You can see the bans made. Ban Limit : No more prohibitions can be made than you have specified. Unban : Allows you to remove the ban. Delete Message : You can delete as many messages as you have specified. Kick : It helps kick a user. Slow Mode : You can put slow mode on the channel you specify in the second you specify. Lock : This command prevents users from writing messages on the specified channel. Profanity Protection : Prohibits swearing on the server. Advertisement Protection : It prohibits advertising on the server.

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