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Flash allows you to easily bring music, games, and more from the web into your discord server with simple commands.






It's fast. Really fast.

Flash is super quick to respond to queries and loads information as fast as it can from third party services. Don't worry about "did it register that command?".

Sharing or singing songs just got easier.

Flash can search Spotify, get lyrics, and open the song directly in either Spotify or on YouTube for your friends that don't have it.

No more "what's that game?"

Flash has a built in game search that works for any game on Steam. One command can provide you with game information and a link to download the game.

Learn about something quickly

Flash hooks into Wikipedia for quick access to information when you need it. Get one-line summaries and pictures directly in your chat.

Watch your favorite streams

Twitch integration means you can tell who's live and play their stream with just a few clicks.

Something that's not supported yet? No worries.

If you've got something to search that isn't supported on Flash, you can still run a manual search. Flash will automatically link you to the results from several search engines - just select your favorite.

More is on the way

Flash is being updated regularly. In the future, it'll support translation, and more types of searches. Try it out today by adding it to your server, or visit the website to learn more.

Your privacy is important.

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