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Koboti is a very nice and special bot. He is always online and gets daily updates. His language is German and his support-server is German too. I coded the bot wih a friend, we name us: EverCode-Studio. Koboti is coded with Python and exists a bit longer. Now i gonna write about the commands(6.12.2021): Koboti has got a ban command, a command wich is very popular and bans someone from a server and the unban command unbans a banned member. With the clear command, you can delete a individual amount of messages and you are getting a message with a info how many messages the bot deleted. The kick command kicks someone from a server, but the kicked member can rejoin. With the whois command, the bot shows the ID from a member(soon he can show more things about a member). This are all moderation commands. Now i gonna write something about the fun commands: The 8ball command is very funny. You can ask something and the bot gives you a funny answer(remember: Koboti always writes in German). Koboti gets more answers every day or week. Another funny command is the simprate command. With that command you can find out how many % someone is a simp. A simp is someone who can’t be successful with girls in love. You want to annoy someone? Try out the hack command. You can hack a member and you can find out funny things about a member(job, email, etc.) BUT please remember this: EVERYTHING the bot sends with the hack-command is random generated text and NO real hack! Is someone annoying you? Try out the infect command and make someone ill. Or the nuke command. With the nuke command you can nuke a member and the bot shows the tonnes of the TNT. Other commands are: ping, help and invite. LG, Koro

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