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Joins a voice channel after you to play your custom intro tune. Manage your intros and how intros are served with my commands.






Greetings, I'm IntroBot!

I'll play a tune for you when you join a voice channel. Add a custom intro to your list from a YouTube video or an MP3 file!

Admins can limit how intros are played in their servers by way of configuring:

  • max length of intros allowed to play in the server
  • cool down period between ones intro from being played
  • max length of queue for intros to stack up at once
  • A delay period between voice channel connection and playing of the intro

Getting started

Add me to your server and I'll be ready to jump in to give intros to anyone with an intro that adheres to the server limits.

In a text channel type !intro add and attach an MP3 to the message to add an intro to your list.

Or if you have a YouTube video in mind, I can download and clip it for you to add an intro to your list.

In a text channel type !intro add YouTube Link MM:SS MM:SS to tell me the bounds between the start and end time to clip the intro.

To get examples on adding an intro for yourself, say !intro add

To see current server intro configuration and limits, say !intro config

Need help getting started? Come on over to the IntroBot Support Server.

Tip: Joining a voice channel self-muted will not play your intro

See a visual guide at my homepage on how to utilize my commands. (Under development)


  • !intro add: How to add an intro sound to your list from a YouTube link or MP3 file
  • !intro list: See your list of intros with metadata
  • !intro volume: Change the volume of one of your intros in your list
  • !intro remove: Remove one of your intros from your list
  • !intro config: List the servers intro settings which limits how intros are played
  • !intro or !intro help: Shows a general help message on how to use my commands
  • @IntroBot: I'll DM you with more detail on how to use my commands
  • !intro changelog: Shows my changelog
  • !intro invite: Provides links to invite me and for Support Server invite

Elevated Permission Commands:

    With a role named "IntroKey" you can use these commands:
  • !intro enable [all]: Enable your currently connected voice channel for intros to be played. Adding all tells me to play in any voice channel in the server
  • !intro disable [all]: Disable your currently connected voice channel from playing intros. Adding all tells me to listen to the individually allowed voice channel rules
  • !rit: Resets intro timer. Ignores any cooldown wait period set for the server for your next intro.
  • !rit @member: Resets intro timer for a certain member in the server

  • Admins/Owners or anyone holding the top role in the server list can use these commands:
  • !intro set: How to set intro config for the server
  • !intro set cooldown: Set a wait period (in seconds) between everyones next intro play
  • !intro set timelimit: Set the max length of time (in seconds) for an intro to be allowed. Intros over the timelimit won't be considered.
  • !intro set delay: Set a short delay (between 0 and 1 second) between voice channel connection and when I play an intro.
  • !intro set queue: Set the max length the queue of intros can grow while I'm playing. Set to 0 for only one intro at a time.

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