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A multipurpose bot for all work


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My commands :

autosetup - To setup the full server without any work

verify - To get a message to verify and get the role

botinfo - To see my info

ping - Ping me to get some thing (this is not a command)

ping - do this command ?!ping This is a command

help - To see this

morehelp-To see the other commands

rules - To display the rules for the server

listwarns - To show warnings

randomuser - To select a random user from the server (for giveaways)

countrole - To count the roles in the server

namerole - To name all the roles in the server

createrole - To create a new role

deleterole - To delete a role

giverole - To give a role to a user

takerole - To take a role form the user

serverinfo - To show the server info

createchannel - To create a new channel

deletechannel - To delete a channel

serverinvite - To create a serverinvite

meme - To give a meme

remoji - To get a random emoji

userinfo - To give info about a user

setbio - To set your bio

resetbio - To reset ur bio

remindme - To set a reminder (time to be in seconds only)

ban - To ban a user

unban - To unban a user

kick - To kick a user

mute - To mute a user

unmute - To unmute a user

votekick - To votekick a user

Warn - To warn a user

listwarns - To see the list of warning given to a user

addwarn - To add a warning

removewarn -To remove a warning

giveappeal - To give a ban appeal

serververification - To see the server verification level of the server

clear - To clear a specific amount of messages

clear_reactions - To clear reactions of a specific amount

developer : To know about the developer

support - To join the support server

contact - To contact the developer

feedback - To give my feedback to my developer

website - To go to the official website of the bot

pateron - To become our pateron

Leave - To make the bot leave the server

Servercount - To see the count of servers i am in

rubiks_scramble 3x3 - to get a 3x3 rubiks cube scramble

rubiks_scramble 2x2 - to get a 2x2 rubiks cube scramble

rubiks_scramble 4x4 - to get a 4x4 rubiks cube scramble

play - To search something on YT

quote - To give a random quote

report - To report a bug or a command which is not working tell - to tell something to us or to the bot (try pinging it by doing @moderator)

gsearch - To search on google

ytsearch - To search on Youtube

calculate - to calculate any thing

hug - To send a hug to a player (can do it only once a day)

buyroles - To see the list of roles that can be bought.

commandscount - To see the count of my commands

memberscount - To see the members in your server

poll - to create a poll in a channel

preview - To preview ANY website.

changenick - To change the nickname of any user

lockdown - To lockdown a channel

pin - To pin a given message

say - to say some thing to the user

dmsay - to say the message in dm

imgsay - To post your say in an image

spam - To spam the chat(works only with spam role)

updatelog - to view the updates

announce - To make a announcement in a channel(no need to tell @everyone.)

showowner - To show My owner

antiraid - To set a anti raid Sheild (you need to do it everyday)

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