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Moderation, Wolfram Alpha, memes, starboard and much more!


. or @Winston (Customizable)




Features and Commands

  • Moderation - kick, ban, mute members, set custom welcome messages
  • Memes - get top posts from various subreddits
  • Starboard - save your star moments to a #starboard channel
  • Wolfram Alpha - lookup, graph and calculate anything with Wolfram Alpha
  • Ask - height of Everest? Distance to the moon? Winston will help you if he can!
  • Calculator - use a quick and powerful calculator
  • Animals - animal pictures? animal facts? you got it!
  • Lyrics - lookup the lyrics of songs
  • Reminders - want to be reminded something in 3 hours? Winston got you covered!
  • Many more fun and helpful commands to check out with .help

Coming soon

  • Music - play and share music with friends in voice channels!
  • Levels - advance through levels, gain prizes, compete with friends
  • Translate any message into any language
  • Reaction roles - get roles by reacting to messages
  • Notifications - want to get alerted when a streamer goes live? Winston will keep you notified
  • Auto-moderator - auto moderation commands and functions for any server
  • And much more!

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