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The Pack Update!

Hey everyone! The Pack Update is finally out! Use .createpack (Pack Name) to get started! You can have up to five people total in your pack (including yourself). You can buy a pack den (200 xp boost) and have shared money with your pack. Enjoy’ -TheSilentWolf


Make your server into a wolf pack with this wolf RPG bot! Use .help for a full list of commands! Hunt to get XP and Wolfbucks! Mate with others to access the abiltiy to adopt pups and have a den, which increases your XP gain! Level up and buy from the shop to increase your stats! This bot is PG, and does not contain inappropriate content. Make sure to vote and leave a review! WARNING: Uses DMs, but only DMs the server owner, and only if someone uses .howl, which has a five minute cooldown, and can be disabled for the server. Other than that, no DMs. Also, do not mention the bot itself for any commands that require mentions, for this will send a message looking like the bot has a bug when it really doesn't.

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