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A Casino Bot that has an Auto Rank/Exp system, Leaderboard, Loot Boxes, Casino Games, Duel/Multiplayer Gambling and more!


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You don't need to set it up. Just invite the bot, type $help to see the list of commands/info and start playing your favorite casino game! In case you want the bot to only respond in a casino channel or change the prefix I have something for you, just type $setup and follow the steps! Please do note that you need Manage Guild permission to use $setup.

  • Play casino games like blackjack, five-card monte, dice, coin flip, and more!

  • Not only can you play casino games, you can also duel and bet chips with your friends by doing the Duel/PvP Gambling command!

  • Gain chips daily, hourly and by spinning the wheel!

  • Ran out of chips? Don't worry, I got you. You can easily earn loot boxes just by voting this bot every 12 hours! Get huge exp and chips reward by opening it!

  • Earn badges and show it off to your friends!

  • Get exp by either gaining chips and/or opening loot boxes. Loot boxes gives you more exp, so don't miss that free daily loot box!

  • Rank up and earn more rewards! No need to type anything, you'll auto rank up once you get the required exp for that rank. Each rank has their own reward multipliers. The higher the rank, the bigger the daily, hourly and spin reward, so keep on playing and gain that exp to rank up!

What are you waiting for? Invite Dealer and start playing your favorite casino games! Have fun competing with your friends! You think you’re good at gambling? You can also compete with other players in our global leaderboard!

More contents to come!

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