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Friendly Bot

It's a multi-purpose bot can be used for moderation and especially study purpose. And you will find it very effective in your studies.


! (Can be changed `!setprefix`)




Big Update

This bot is now verified by discord. So, it can join so many servers now. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🎊🎈🎉

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Friendly Bot

Friendly Bot

Hello, this is a multi Functioning bot used for all your study needs. You can make a good productive community using this bot.
I wish this bot will help you in increase your productivity level, using various commands.

Few Main Features:-
(To get all commands type "!help", Prefix can be changed according to the owners choice)

  1. Forest

    You can share your forest code within the server so others can join your tree

  2. Teams

    You can create teams within the server with your friends,making it easier to study together also you dont need to hover around multiple channels to use timers for your sessions.

  3. Team Voice Channels

    When you join a team by reacting on the embed a VC will be created so that you and your team buddies can join in and study together

  4. Inbuilt Google Search

    This bot comes with a inbuilt mini search engine which provides the top results by Google.
                   Note: People can use it in wrong way too, So please take care if the channel is not a NSFW . or else bot's command won't work in normal channels.               use !google "search"                          

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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