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It is a simple light-hearted, made for fun and encouragement. It can help you in moderation. This bot has its own economical system.


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It is a simple light-hearted, made for fun. It can help you in moderation and enlargements. This bot has its own economical system using 'Kattus' as its main currency. It has many fun commands like meme, cursedComments, comics. It is interactive. AI chat included!

EnkE Commands Encouragements: $list - To list encouragements on database. $inspire - To get inspiring quotes. Enlargements: $enlarge - To enlarge that emoji. $avatar <@user> - To enlarge the user's avatar. $embed - To create your own Embed. Fun: $ask/$8ball - To ask question to the bot. $rps - To play RockPaperScissors with the bot. $memes - To get random memes. $dadjokes - To get Dad Jokes. $cursedcomments - To get cursedComments. $technews - To get news related to Techs. $lovecalculate - To calculate love percentage. $comic - To get random Comics. $whatif - To get random What If article. $poll

Infos: $userinfo <@user> - To get the user's info. $serverinfo - To get the server's info. $status - To view server status. Moderation: $clear - To clear the amount of recent messages from the channel. $snipe - To snipe recently deleted message. $mute <@user> - To mute a specific user. $unmute <@user> - To unmute a specific user. $tempmute <@user> <time(format: 1d, 20s, 30m, etc)> - To temporarily mute a user for specified amount of time. About Bot: $ping - To get bot's ping.

Economy: $balance - To check your balance. $deposit - To deposit coins to your bank account. $withdraw - To withdraw coins from your bank account. $send <@user> - To send specific amount of coins to the mentioned user. $rob <@user> - To rob the mentioned user. $hack <@user> - To hack the bank account of the mentioned user. $beg - To beg. $fish - To do fishing. $hunt - To do hunting. $work - To work for the bot. $daily - To claim daily rewards. $dailyslots - To play daily slots. $slots - To play Slots. $gamble - To gamble. $guessgame - To play guess the game. $heist - To play heist with pets. $shop - To view shop. $buy <item_name> - To buy specific amount of item. $sell <item_name> - To sell specific amount of item. $bag - To view your bag. $leaderboard - To view the leaderboard. Pet: $breed - To breed your pet $pet <@user> - To check user's pet. $editpet - To edit your pet. $train - To train your pet. $fight <@user> - To fight with user. Bot Help: $refresh - To refresh submission lists. $vote - To vote and support EnkE Bot!

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