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Hi All, Aisa Bot is better than other music bots you've seen before.Give it a try : )



Our Aisa Bot has a different and more useful feature compared to normal music bots. This feature makes the Aisa Bot useful. If you cannot find the result, you can find the song you searched on Aisa bot . It shows you all the results and you can easily access the video or song you want by writing the result.Commands : a!play : Plays the desired song. a!pause: Stops the song. a!resume: Continue the paused song. a!loop: Plays the song again. a!skip: Switch to other songs in the list, if available. a!stop: Stops the song. a!np: Indicates the song playing. a!list: Shows songs. a!mix: Mixes songs. a!ping: Shows the bot’s ping. If you want to Add to Your Server : (invitation link)

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