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A high quality anime card collection game.


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A high-quality anime card collection game with well-designed cards. Collect high-quality cards of different rarities. Collect cards from your favourite shows!

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How our cards work:

Level 1:

Follows a template that fits the anime it is from. See Nezuko Kamado 1 Nezuko1

Level 2:

Has a completely unique style and colour scheme which does not follow any template. See Nezuko Kamado (☆)Nezuko2

Level 3:

Similarly to level 2, it has an entirely unique style and is animated. We currently only have two of these - Killua Zolyck (★) Killua1 and Nezuko Kamado (★) Nezuko1 , but more will be released in the future.

Wishlist system:

Use mwa to add a card (of a specific level) to your wishlist. Use mwl to view your wishlist. Use mwr to remove a card from your wishlist.

Example usage:

mwa Nezuko Kamado - Requests Nezuko Kamado. 3 - Selects the third version of the Nezuko card to be added to the player's wishlist. mwl - Displays Nezuko Kamado and a number of people who have wishlisted this card. mwr Nezuko Kamado - Requests Nezuko Kamado. 3 - Selects the third version of the Nezuko card to be removed from the player's wishlist.

mfind can now be used to check the wishlist number for any card.

Kumi Store:

Use mks to view the kumi store. Currently, you can only buy any amount ofextra grabs(1000 kumi) or extra drops(1200 kumi) Use mpurchase or mp to purchase these items. Extra grabs and drops will appear in your items list - which you can view using mitems or mi.

Example usage:

mks - Will display the items that can be purchased using kumi, their costs and an example of the command used to purchase them. mp extra grabs 5 - Will purchase 5 extra grabs at 1000 kumi each. mp extra drop 1 - Will purchase 1 extra drop for 1200 kumi.

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