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This robot is there to show memes






This robot is here to show too much memes. I think you will like this robot and you will use this robot too much, beacuse this is very nice robot. I like this robot. Why, do you know? I know. Because if I write |meme this robot writes me very fun and great memes!! I think you should use this robot.

Commands This bot have only two commands only two!!!! They are |help, |meme and |status.

|help =If we write |help this robot writes we 2 commands (|meme and |status).

|meme = If we write |meme this robot writes we funny and great memes.

|status = If we write |meme this robot writes we it's status, uptime and it's prefix.

This is TheElephant's robot. And TheElephant (Again) made this robot.

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