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A bot wich focuses on creepy stories and a cool economy system.




  1. Must be 13
  2. Don't directly spam the commands. Directly spamming the commands will result in an account suspension from the bot.
  3. Do not exploit errors! Exploiting errors will result in an account suspension from the bot!
  4. Do not use /suggest randomly!
  5. Do not leak anything that you found out before the update comes! Doing this will result in an account suspension from the bot! Telling people how to find the new things before update will result in the same punishment!

2.ABOUT SUSPENSION: Before you get suspended you will recieve a warning! After the warning your account will get supsended from the bot! First you will get your account suspended for 3 days than a week than a month! After that you will get suspended for 2 months after that you can apply for suspension lift! BEING A SUPPORTER DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM THE RULES AND SUSPENSION RULES! -(supporting not yet available)

3.ROLESHOP RULES You are NOT allowed to get the roles by having premissions to put them on you/members. Doing this Will get you suspended from the bot! The times follow the suspension rules!


-If you use the bot you agree that we store your discord ID,username

-If you invite the bot you agree that ALL of your server members will count as bot users - This dosen't mean we instantly get their ID. Only if they use a command.


Your goal is to get your s̶a̵n̴i̴t̸y̵ to 0%! The lower your sanity is the better! You can start buying roles from 60% s̶a̵n̴i̴t̸y̵! (If the server managers set it up!)


•*story - read a short creepy story. (⚠️Some stories may be morbid⚠️)

•*mind - Check your m̷i̷n̸d̶ (inventory)

•*scare - Scare someone... but.. you scared them too much.. oopss I guess. Can get madness points!

•*spoobox - basically a daily commmand for madness points.

•*suggest - suggest a creepy story.

•Each time you do the *story command it will give you 1-40 s̶p̴o̶o̷k̸ ̶p̷o̷i̵n̴t̷s̶! •60 s̴p̵o̴o̴k̷ ̵p̷o̷i̷n̷t̴s̷ will be automatically exchanged to 2-20 h̵a̸u̵n̷t̴ ̸p̴o̸i̶n̵t̶s̶! •20 h̵a̸u̵n̷t̴ ̸p̴o̸i̶n̵t̶s̶ will be automatically exchanged to 1% s̵a̴n̸i̷t̴y̵ drop! •M̸a̴d̵n̵e̴s̴s̴ ̴p̷o̷i̴n̷t̵s̸ can be exhanged to roles! But you need a lot... I mean a LOT!

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