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I like to take profile pictures and other images and modify them. Triggered GIFs, jail and rain overlays, avatar commands, and more!


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ImageBoss takes images and modifies them. Surprise your friends by adding filters, mods, and special effects to their profile pictures. But who said these commands were limited to user avatars? You can also upload a file or pass in an image URL. ImageBoss makes it easy to manipulate images any way you choose. Type &help to get started.

Command Description
blueshift [Image] Produce a gentle night with a moonlight effect
blur [Image] Gaussian blur an image (basically blurring it)
border [Image] Idk just add a black border around the image
bright [Image] Discord light theme flashbacks...oww my eyes!
burn [Image] Burn the image like it just came out of the furnace
carve [Image] Carve the image on a gray surface
charcoal [Image] Sketch the image with a chunk of charcoal
circle [Image] Create a soft and blurry circle on the image
color [Color/Hex] Generate an image with your color
Description Command
Turn a boring 2D image into a 3D cube cube [Image]
Turn the brightness down real low dark [Image]
Make your image look like brown dust dust [Image]
Detect edges on images with a simple convolution filter edge [Image]
Generate a 3D print relief effect emboss [Image]
It's tiled flooring but the tiles are your image floor [Image]
Grayscale an image (I know, everyone's least favorite) gray [Image]
Invert the colors (great for alt account avatars) invert [Image]
They broke the law. They pay the consequences. jail [Image]
Command Description
kuwahara [Image] Add smoothing to reduce noise but preserve edges
noise [Image] Add bits of color over the image
photo [Image] Print the image on photographic paper
pixel [Image] Pixelate an image (like blurring but broader)
png [Text] Generate a PNG image with your text
rain [Image] It's raining, very sad times indeed...
ripple [Image] Create a ripple or wave effect with the image
sepia [Image] Give the image a brownish tone just like the early days
sharp [Image] Sharpen up an image making it more vivid
Description Command
Make it look like an artist sketched it sketch [Image]
Give the image a spray-painted feel spray [Image]
Get sucked into a black hole at the center suck [Image]
Create a whirlpool effect by rotating the pixels swirl [Image]
Is it just me, or is that looking kind of thick? thick [Image]
Make your colorful image rainbow-looking and colorful tiedie [Image]
Diagonally tilt the image, giving it a 3D look tilt [Image]
Well someone is triggered (returns a GIF) triggered [Image]
Turn an image upside down, or 180 degrees updown [Image]

Note the brackets [] are only placeholders and should not be typed.

If you are experiencing any issues, never hesitate to contact the developer:
Email: [email protected]
Discord: bossbadi#3371
Support server:

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