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Pin it!

A bot that allows members to pin their messages with attachments. Useful for channels showcasing art or pictures.



Pin it!

A Discord bot for allowing users to pin their messages with attachments. This is useful for channels where people can post their art.

How to use

When a member posts a message with an attachment in a channel that is added to the list, the member can click on the bot's 📌 reaction to pin the message. If the channel has reached the maximum number of pins, it will automatically remove the latest pin. Members can unpin their latest pin using pin>unpin.

Mod Commands

pin>prefix [prefix]

Change the prefix.

pin>channel add/remove

Add or remove the channel where this command is used to the list of channels where the bot is active.

pin>role [role]

Restrict this future to members with a certain role. Use pin>role everyone if you want to remove the role restriction.

Example usage

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