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Fire-Bot is a moderation,fun,images,utility bot,try it now!



Fire-Bot is moderation ,fun, images and utility bot which made with python. The default preifx is ">" and can be changed by ">setpreifx".

To get all the commands list just do '>help', and for the moderation commands there are tons! Ban, softban, kick, mute, unmute, lock, unlock commands are just some of them!

There is a cooldown for every single command on the bot so that no one spams and clogs up your server.

For the fun commands there is: coinflip, 8ball, gayrate, simprate, coolrate, stupidrate and many more coming soon! For the images commands there fox, cat, dog, panda commands and it shows random images of the animal that you pick for example ">cat" will show random cat image etc....

For utility commands there is: userinfo, serverinfo, servers, slowmode and more soon, also, I'm working on a bot dashboard and more commands very soon!

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