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a simple easy to use general-purpose bot which currently has over 80 working commands and 6 main command categorys



a simple easy to use general-purpose bot which currently has over 80 working commands and 6 main categories moderation - vrooomtex bot offers 22 moderation commands ranging from simple commands like $ban to more complex commands like $warn the full list of mod commands can be found by doing $moderator-help utility - the utility category Currently has 9 commands ranging from $suggest which sends Your suggestion to a channel set By server admins to commands like $new opens a ticket in the tickets category which gets made by the bot for a full list of utility commands do $utility-help fun - The fun category includes 13 various commands ranging from $joke which will provide you with a SFW joke to commands like $8-ball which returns a random response telling you the answer to your question if you want to see all the fun commands use the command $fun-help currency ⚠️- the NEW currency commands currently allow users to stockpile a currency called coins there is no way to spend these coins currently but users can use commands like $daily and $work To get coins for when the currency category gets updated for all the Currently available currency commands do $currency-help search - The search category allows users to search up various things on different platforms like Google and twitch to see the command list for the search plugin do $help-search admin only - there are several admin only commands that mainly focus on seting up certain features I like the suggestions channel or the verification role to find out all the admin only commands do $admin-help other stuff - we also have 10 different auto-responders that react/send a message when a Certain word is said an example of this is the word hi there is not a publicly available list of all auto responders. ( you just got to find them 😉) vroooomtex will also respond to @vrooomtex prefix if you forget the prefix if you have any issues with the bot please contact my support team in the support server uptime - the uptime of the bot relatively good meaning the bot should be online 99% of the time unless there is an outage of some kind which will be announced in the support server. support staff are mainly based in UTC time meaning it may take some time to receive an answer about your issue please just be patient as we are only a small team currently 🙂 last updated - 09/03/2021

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