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Hello! I'm Neutra, and I specialize in tracking and moderation. I was designed to collect statistics on servers, users, messages, and more.


Hello! I'm Neutra, and I specialize in tracking and moderation. I was designed to collect all sorts of data on servers, users, messages, emojis, online time, and more! I also come with a fast and clean moderation system that offers every opportunity for effective server management. Apart from moderation and tracking, I feature 271 commands across 13 categories that provide awesome utilities! Some examples include managing roles and logging server actions.




Module for server administration. (12 Commands)

freeze: Lock all server channels.

kill: Have the bot leave the server.

massascify: Mass nickname users with odd names.

massban: Massban users matching a search.

massdehoist: Dehoist all server users.

masskick: Mass kick users matching a search.

massrole: Manage mass adding/removing roles.

muterole: Setup server muting system.

prefix: Show all server prefixes.

prefixes: Show all server prefixes.

reset: Manage stored user data.

unfreeze: Unlock all server channels.


Manage the automod system. (10 Commands)

antiinvite: Enable or disable auto-deleting invite links

autorole: Assign roles to new members.

clearwarns: Clear a user's warnings

filter: Manage the server's word filter.

listwarns: Show all warnings a user has.

reassign: Reassign roles on user rejoin.

unwarn: Revoke a warning from a user

warn: Warn users with an optional reason.

warncount: Count the warnings a user has.

warns: Display the server warnlist.


Configure the permission system. (4 Commands)

disable: Disable commands for users, roles, and channels.

enable: Enable commands for users, roles, and channels.

ignore: Ignore channels, roles, and users.

unignore: Unignore channels, users, and roles.


Module for downloading files. (14 Commands)

dumpbans: DMs you a file of server bans.

dumpbots: DMs you a file of server bots.

dumpcategories: DMs you a file of voice channels.

dumpchannels: DMs you a file of text channels.

dumpemotes: DMs you a file of server emojis.

dumphelp: DMs you a file of commands.

dumphumans: DMs you a file of server humans.

dumpmessages: DMs you a file of channel messages.

dumproles: DMs you a file of server roles.

dumpsettings: DMs you a file of server settings.

dumpusers: DMs you a file of server members.

dumpvoicechannels: DMs you a file of voice channels.

dumpwarns: DMs you a file of server warns.

readme: DMs you my readme file.


My extensive help category. (17 Commands)

aliases: Show the aliases for a command

botperms: Check if the bot can run a command.

brief: Get the short description of a command.

canrun: See if a command can be executed.

category: Show the parent category of a command.

commandinfo: Get attribute info on a command.

commandsearch: Search for a command by name.

docstring: Get the help docstring of a command.

examples: Get specific examples for a command.

help: My documentation for all commands.

made: Show when a command was first made.

reqperms: Check if you can run a command.

updated: Show when a command was last updated.

usage: Get a usage example for a command.

where: Show where a command can be run.

writer: Show who wrote a command.

writers: Show all people who wrote for me.


Module for bot information. (24 Commands)

about: Display information about the bot.

avgping: View the average message latency.

botadmins: Show the bot's admins.

botowners: Show the bot's owners.

bugreport: Send a bugreport to the developer.

changelog: Show my changelog.

cogs: List all my cogs in an embed.

hostinfo: Show the bot's host environment.

invite: Invite me to your server!

lines: Show sourcecode statistics.

neofetch: Run the neofetch command.

overview: Show some info on the bot's purpose.

ping: Test the bot's response latency.

privacy: View the privacy policy.

replytime: Show reply latencies.

sharedservers: Show servers shared with the bot.

socket: Show global bot socket stats.

source: Display the source code.

suggest: Send a suggestion to the developer.

support: Join my support server!

uptime: Show the bot's uptime.

uptimeinfo: Show a graph of uptime stats

users: Show users I'm connected to.

vote: Show your support by voting for me!


Manage the logging system (7 Commands)

editsnipe: Snipe an edited message.

find: Find any user using a search.

log: Enable specific logging events.

logchannel: Set your server's logging channel.

snipe: Snipe a deleted message.

unlog: Disable specific logging events.

unlogchannel: Remove the server logging channel.


Keep your server under control. (20 Commands)

addrole: Add multiple roles to a user.

ban: Ban users from the server.

blind: Hide a channel from a user.

block: Restrict users from sending messages.

kick: Kick users from the server.

lock: Prevent messages in a channel.

mute: Mute users for a duration.

removerole: Remove multiple roles to a user.

slowmode: Set the slowmode for a channel

softban: Softban users from the server.

tempban: Temporarily ban users.

temprole: Temporarily add roles to users.

unban: Unban a previously banned user.

unblind: Reallow users see a channel.

unblock: Reallow users to send messages.

unlock: Unlock a channel.

unmute: Unmute muted users.

vckick: Kick users from a voice channel.

vcmove: Move a user from a voice channel.

vcpurge: Kick all users from a voice channel.


Module for server management (4 Commands)

cleanup: Clean up bot command usage.

emoji: Manage server emojis.

purge: Purge any type of content.

role: Role management commands.


Module for server stats (24 Commands)

admins: Show the server admins.

channelinfo: Get info about a channel.

emojiinfo: Get info about an emoji.

emojistats: Emoji usage tracking.

emojiusage: Get usage stats on an emoji.

emptyroles: Show roles that have no users.

firstjoins: Show the first users to join.

joined: Check when a user joined the server.

joinedatpos: Show who joined at a position.

joinpos: Show the join position of a user.

lastjoins: Show the latest users to join.

listbots: Shows all the server's bots.

listchannels: Show the server's channels.

listroles: Show an embed of all server roles.

mods: Show the server moderators.

permissions: Show a user's permissions.

rolecall: Counts the users with a role.

rolecount: Counts the roles on the server.

roleinfo: Get information on a role.

roleperms: Show the permissions for a role.

serverinfo: Show server information.

topic: Show the topic of a channel.

userinfo: Show information on a user.

whohas: Show the people who have a role.


Module for all user stats (25 Commands)

activity: Show the most active users.

avatars: Show past user avatars.

barstatus: Status info in a bar graph.

botusage: Show the top bot users.

characters: Show character usage.

clocker: Show days a user was active.

clocking: Show all active users.

commandcount: Count the commands run by a user.

commandstats: Bot commands listed by popularity.

icons: Show past server icons.

invited: See who invited a user.

invites: Count the invites of a user.

messagecount: Count the messages a user sent.

messagestats: Show message stats.

nicknames: Show a user's past nicknames.

seen: Check when a user was last seen.

spoke: Check when a user last spoke.

spokehere: Check when a user last spoke here.

status: Show a user's discord status.

statusinfo: Status info in a piechart.

top: Show top message senders.

user: Show information on a user.

usernames: Show a user's past usernames.

word: Usage for a specific word.

words: Most used words from a user.


Module for general utilities. (22 Commands)

ascify: Convert special characters to ascii.

avatar: Show a user's avatar.

badges: Show all the badges a user has

calculate: Calculate a math formula.

charinfo: Show information on a character.

clock: Get the time of any location

color: Show a given color and its values.

defaultavatar: Show a user's default avatar.

dehoist: Dehoist a specified user.

embed: Create an embed interactively.

emojipost: Sends all server emojis to your dms.

gtoken: Generate a discord token.

nickname: Edit or reset a user's nickname

oauth: Generate a bot invite link.

platform: Show a user's discord platform.

ptoken: Decode a discord token.

raw: Shows the raw content of a message.

reactinfo: Get react info on a message.

serveravatar: Show the server's icon.

shorten: Shorten URLs to bitly links.

snowflake: Show info on a discord snowflake.

voiceusers: Show all the users in a vc.

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