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Proteus - the completely one and only multipurpose discord bot. But seriously, it rocks!


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Proteus - The True Multipurpose Bot

Moderation, fun, image, currency, random generation commands, I have it all! The best thing is, I am constantly being developed and improved!

Proteus is a great addition to any server, and will satisfy the needs of both server staff and members!

What do I offer?

  • Moderation & Punishment Logging
  • Fun Commands - A lot of them!
  • Image Commands
  • Economy Commands
  • Random Generation Commands

How frequently is it updated?

The Head Developers and Developers are working hard everyday to bring users the best experience in using Proteus! Everyday we post major command updates or bug fixes. We even provide lots of sneak peeks to the members of the Proteus Official server!

I would like to suggest a new feature

Proteus Developers are active 24/7, so feel free to suggest anything you want to see in Proteus! We make sure to read every single suggestion from the users of Proteus.

Uh-Oh! I stumbled across a major bug, how can I report?

If you randomly stumbled across a major bug, feel free to contact any online Proteus Developers or report it in the Report Bugs channel. We are currently working on a website where users can report bugs. We go through the bugs channel every single day to check if there are some reported bugs in Proteus, whether they are small or big, we try to fix them ASAP.

So what are you waiting for? Invite Proteus now!

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