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Jonathan Galindo Is A World Wide Bot To Get Galindo Tags






Update April 23

HUGE GALINDO BOT UPDATE As We All Know Galindos Are Impossible To Find And People Just Quit The Trend But Don't You Worry After Looking Over Discord I HAVE FOUND OVER 150 GALINDOS And Right Now The List Is Being Updated So Here Is What New - (!Tag) - Added Over 150 New Tags Of Goofy Tags - (!list) - Added Another Top 10 Galindo Tags List Over 15 lists or more - (!meme) - Added New Memes - (!kill) - Added More Ways To Kill Your Target - (!insult) - Added More Insults To Insult Your Friends - (!gayrate) - Added Secret Messages In Gay Rate When You Rate Your Self New Commands - (!workout) - Gives You A list Of Work Outs To Do - (!8ball) - Tells You Outcomes Of Any Queistion You Ask - (!simprate) - Tells You How Much Of A Simp You Are Commands Coming Soon - (!troll) - Tells You Trolls To Use On Galindos - (!challange) - If Your A Galindo It Gives You Challanges To Ask Your Victems - (pfp) A New Jonathan Galindo And Don't Have A PFP We Made One For You ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And Thats About I Hope You Enjoy The Update If You Don't Like The Update Or Want To Add A Recommendation Please Feel Free To Message Me And That About Thank You And Also Remember Have Fun Trolling


Jonathan Galindo Is A World Wide Bot To Get Galindo Tags The main command list is:

!help commands (list of commands)

!tag (gives you random galindo tags)

!meme (gives you Galindo Memes)

!list (Gives Galindo Tags List)

!support (Server Support)

!server (Gives You Galindo Servers)

And So Much More

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