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Multipurpose Discord bot written in Golang.






My first Discord bot that I wrote with Golang, it uses MySQL database for log, and greet stuff.
You can see bot's code on GitLab

If you have an issue, you can contact me via Discord (Reviath#0001)
Hope you enjoy using the bot!
Now, bot has a Turkish language support! You can change language with r!language command.

Some of commands:

*User Commands

r!afk: Sets you as AFK.
r!avatar: Fetch the profile picture of a user.
r!ping: Sends latency of the bot.
r!invite: Sends invite link.
r!roles: Shows list of roles.
r!guild_info: Gives information about guild.
r!stats: Shows stats for bot.
r!settings: Shows server settings.

*Moderation Commands

r!ban: Bans the user.
r!kick: Kicks the user.
r!unban: Unbans the user.
r!start_vote: Starts a vote.
r!welcome_channel: When someone joins your server, the bot sends a message to the channel you set.
r!leave_channel: When someone leaves your server, the bot sends a message to the channel you set.
r!reset_welcome_channel: Resets welcome channel.
r!reset_leave_channel: Resets leave channel.
r!auto_role: Sets autorole.
r!reset_auto_role: Resets autorole.
r!welcome_message: Sets welcome message.
r!leave_message: Sets leave message.
r!log: Sets log channel.
r!reset_log: Resets log channel.
r!disable: Disables specified command.
r!enable: Enables specified command.
r!language: Changes bot language.

*Fun Commands

r!embed: Sends your message as an embed.
r!hug: Allows you to hug someone.
r!icon: Sends guild icon.
r!kiss: Allows you to kiss someone.
r!slap: Sends slap gif.
r!spoiler: Sends your message as a spoiler.

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