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An advanced RPG dice bot for Discord







An advanced RPG dice bot for Discord

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You can type ?help to get a brief overview of the commands. Melvin's default prefix is ?, but just mentioning him will work as well. You can change the prefix with the ?prefix command, e.g. ?prefix !. Issuing this command without any arguments will output the current prefix for your server.

roll is the main dice rolling command. The dice parser is very advanced and supports many different types of dice notation. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • ?roll d20 - The standard die roll. You can roll up to 999 dice with any number of sides.
  • ?roll 4d8+5 - Roll dice with a modifier.
  • ?roll 2d20kh1+13 - Roll and keep the highest result (D&D 5e advantage).
  • ?roll 2d20dl1+13 - Roll and drop the lowest result - effectively the same as above.
  • ?roll 2d20kl1+13 - Roll and keep the lowest result (5e disadvantage).
  • ?roll 2d20dh1+13 - Roll and drop the highest - again, same as above.
  • ?roll 1d10! - Exploding dice.
  • ?roll 1d10!! - Compounding dice (explode and add the rolls together).
  • ?roll 8d6min2 - Roll and treat anything below a 2 as a 2 (5e Elemental Adept feat).
  • ?roll 4d10max6 - Treat anything above a 6 as a 6.
  • ?roll d20r+7 - Reroll on a 1, keep rerolling until the result isn't a 1.
  • ?roll d20ro+7 - Reroll only once, even if the second roll is also a 1 (lucky halflings).
  • ?roll d20r<10 - Reroll on anything less than a 10.
  • ?roll 4d6>=4 - A 4 and above is a success.
  • ?roll 4d6=5 - Can you roll exactly a 5?
  • ?roll 4dF - Fudge/fate dice.
  • ?roll (14+6)*17 - Do maths.
  • ?roll 8d8*2 - Do maths with dice.
  • ?roll floor(8d6/2) - Devils are resistent to fire - half damage rounded down.

Note that the modifiers which affect the dice rolls themselves (min, max, k etc) must come before any numerical modifiers (+4). So: ?roll 2d20kh1+9 is valid, but ?roll 2d20+9kh1 is not.

You can also use the multiroll or rr command to roll dice multiple times, like this: ?rr 6 4d6kh3. This will effectively generate a standard set of D&D 5e ability scores.

The average or avg command will return the average total for the provided dice roll. E.G. ?avg 4d6 will return 14. Likewise, the min and max commands will give you the minimum and maximum totals respectively.


If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to chat, get in touch on Discord. I'm LordLuceus#7492.

If you like Melvin and want to support future development, you could buy me a coffee ☕. Thanks!

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