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A Pokemon catching and battling simulator. Including shiny and shadow Pokemon hunting capability, events, lootboxes and daily rewards.


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Spent a while seeing all these Pokemon bots going around and wanted to have a try at designing my own how I think things should be done.

One of, if not the first Pokemon Discord experience to incorporate Shadow Pokemon aswell which are cannon.

So far features include: -Player commanded spawns every 7-10 seconds -Random wild encounters based on server chat activity -Working shop system to buy items and Pokeballs -Release unwanted Pokemon -Working evolutions for almost ALL Pokemon that have them -Search any Pokemon based in their saved individual id. -Foundations set up for economising items/Pokemon -Rare/Legendary/Mythical/Ultra Beast encounters from least rare to rarest. -Auto image Trainer cards with statistics -Leaderboards per server (local) or all servers (global) -Experience and happiness gain on catching and (soon: battling)

Features lined up for near future: -Trade Pokemon or Pokedollars/Premium Currencies all in one trade action to ensure safe trades. -Marketing/Auctioning items and Pokemon so anyone can buy -Nicknaming Pokemon (Mostly done already just trying to limit certain words or characters like :;[email protected]#$%^&*() to stop custom names interacting incorrectly with the bot. -Fossil restoration -Loot crates from daily logins and voting and achievements -Custom spawn pools for eg. typings and in the main server: dedicated channels for those custom spawn pools (hunt the pokemon you want more efficiently by reducing the amount of pokemon in your searches)

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