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Zer0Byte is a userfriendly bot mainly focused on Fun and Moderation commands.


> {customizable}


Here are some of the things I can do!


Zer0Byte has a wide range of fun commands. A large focus on Zer0Byte are the fun commands. We hope that we can bring fun commands to your guild if you add me of course!


Fun commands are not all Zer0Byte can do though! Zer0Byte also has utility commands. We try to keep these commands useful and easy to use. You can get info about a user or a server. A profile picture of users and more!


Zer0Byte has an economy system focused on managing a restaurant. Currently there are not too many features but I am working on growing it!


Zer0Byte can also do moderation! Sure it's not the best moderation but it can get the job done. It includes simple discord features like ban and kick. But it also has moderation features that discord cannot do.

Other Features

Zer0Byte can still do more then those 3. Zer0Byte also has a customizable prefix so it does not mess with your other bots prefixes! It has good error handling so it's easy to know what went wrong with your bot.

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