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This is a very epic bot that can do very many thing! Use v!help to get started






Welcome To Vertikal

Bot Commands info Shows bot information uptime Shows how long the bot has been up for ping Shows the bots latency/response time

Check Commands check Checks a bots offline status save Saves a bot from punishment unsave Unsaves a bot from punishment checkall Checks offline bots and adds them to the list if they arent there add_bot Adds a bot to the offline list user Checks one user userall Shows data of all users susall Shows data of sus users

Currency Commands beg Beg for money search Search a area to make some dough fish Go fishing and catch some fish hunt Go hunting for some animals share Give a member some dough rich Shows richest players in the guild rob Rob your victim gift Give a user a item shop shop buy Buy a item postmemes Post a meme for the normies

Gambling Commands gamble Gamble money duh snakeeyes Roll dice for snakeeyes blackjack cool blackjack highlow Guess a number slots Spin the slots

Leveling Commands rank show a users rank leaderboard Guild Leaderboard level_disable disable leveling level_enable enable leveling

Misc Commands captcha Are you a robot? aesthetic Get some aesthetic text average Whats the average of 1, 2, 3? calculate Free calculator! pokemon Shows a random pokemon pokeinfo Shows data on a pokemon

User Commands balance Checks a users balance deposit Deposits cash from wallet to bank withdraw Withdraws cash from bank to wallet profile Shows a users profile daily Claim your daily reward inventory See a users inventory

Work Commands quit quit your job work work commands

Get vertikal to use super cool commands today!!!

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