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A bot that detects currency expressions from messages automatically and convert those expressions to your main currency.



You're probably in several international servers that people hanging out. In this servers we oftenly encounter with problems due to regionally changing things such as time zones, currencies and languages. This bot will help you to convert those strange currencies to your currency easily. If the bot detect any currency argument (5 USD, 10 AZN etc.) it will react with a dollar emoji and if you react with that dollar emoji too you will learn the equal of that amount in your currency. Bot just has 3 commands, set help and currency. You can set your currency using set command, you can learn details using help command and you can display anyone's currency using currency command.

User friendly, simple and really helpfull discord bot.

Legal Warning

This bot is just for having an idea about currencies and their equivalent in your main currency. Do not trade currency based on data provided by the bot. We don't accept any responsibility for problems that you encounter because of bot's currency convertions.

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