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Hello Adventurer!! Welcome to Fidoway!! Fidoway is an amazing RPG bot that relies on hard playing! Think you can take on the world?


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Hey there I am Fidoway!! How are you doing?

Wait a minute I cannot recognize you, HOLD UP

Your not a Fidoway adventurer what are you doing, come on here. Well if you didn't know I am Fidoway, the best RPG Bot in the block. There were about 4 thousand adventurers after 2 days the bot was released. Yeah I know that is insane.

Fidoway is an amazing bot in which you can play with and have an awesome time. To begin Fidoway all you got to do is .cs And there you go your class was picked. Your class is picked at random and all the classes have their advantages but also do have their disadvantages. This is the beginning of an adventure you wouldn't want to miss.

So what are you doing join us right now

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