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Metal is a shiny powerful bot who you can laugh with and have fun with!




le jared

le jared

Information about Metal

Metal is a powerful bot that you can have a fun time with, but never make him bite you with his shiny metal teeth!

Why choose Metal?

Metal has many fun commands, moderation commands, animal commands, even meme commands! You can do endless things with the bot, never make him mad tho, he will bite you with his shiny metal teeth!

❓ Info

Run ",help info" for information about Metal.

😃 Miscellaneous

Run ",help misc" to see all Miscellaneous commands.

😂 Memes

Run ",help memes" to see all meme commands, Run ,help sdmn to see all of the sidemen meme commands you can use.

🐶 Animals

Run ",help animals" to see all the animal commands you can use.

⚙ Moderation

Run ",help moderation" to see all the moderation commands you can use.

ğŸŽ Support Run ",vote" to support the bot's development and the creator.

Run ",help" for all the help categories.

-Metal was developed using the coding language called "Python".

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