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A economy bot with lots of Features like crypto coins, roulette or just feel like being a gangster and rob somebody!! Its a Mafia style bot!



It's an economy Bot with lots of features and Minigames to play!

For example: Play roulette, invest in Grindocoins (not real), make missions, drive Races, and much more

Or simply get items like: Pistols, An Sniper, Cars, and much more

Grindcoins: The Grindcoin is random and not based on an real crypto currency! You can write a command to show a graph of the 15 last Grindcoin activities!

Sadly The Bot is in Beta because there are so much things that I want to add!!!

If you have invited him write ?help and a long list of commands will jump in your channel!

If you see Performence issues Please tell me over discord, My Username is under help just wirite ?help and you will see. The same is for ideas to improve the Bot!

Play with your friends and duel with them!! Just invite him and see what he got!!

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