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bot for fun, there is a number guessing game and I put random reward sometimes, and welcoming command, I will add more feature later



Main Commands

  • welcome and leave message from channel directly

  • number guessing game

    playable with 4 different level of game

    • 10C
    • 20C
    • 50C
    • 99C

    the highest level (99C) can contain reward for win the game sometimes
    I might put Discord Nitro/Nitro Classic there
    and I planned to put Nitro Classic as reward when I have enough money later, for now maybe just random reward
    [reward will send via DM by Lia FRV or you wil asked to DM Nacel(Lia Developer) to claim the reward depend on the reward]

    (make sure you have dm enabled to receive reward)

  • some conversation commands

  • fun commands

    (currently only number guessing but I will add more later I think)


this bot is free from moderation command, so don't worry about that, a bot for fun and some function only, have fun, and thanks if you want add Lia to your server

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