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A multi-purpose bot built with around 30 commands (working on adding more).



Say hello to ChooseBot!

(do it please he is very kind)

ChooseBot is a bot with around 30 commands, with commands varying from Moderation, to just Funny commands!

We're constantly working on adding more commands, but there's only a few of us working on it.

\\ Getting Started //

You can get started by pinging the bot in chat, or, by typing "?help"!

Is "?" not the right prefix for you? You can use "?prefix " in chat to change it to whatever you like!

Find an error in the bot? Use "?report" to report an issue!

Please message me on Discord if you're having issues with the permissions. The invite is not working properly for some people, and this makes it so the bot doesn't create it's own role in your server. I will send you the proper invite to use if you do have issues.

Feel like we should add another command? Use "?suggest" and we'll see it and consider adding it!

Please message me on discord (CantChooseThis#6982) if you have issues with bot permissions. There is an issue with my invite link where it doesn't create roles, even though it should have proper permissions. I will send you the proper invite with instructions on it if you need help.

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