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Amazing multipurpose bot with features being added continuously, over 50 servers and maintaining almost 50 commands currently.




Multipurpose bot being developed with 40 commands and more features being added!

  • Ban and unban users
  • Mute, tempmute, and unmute users
  • Kick users
  • Change nickname and slowmode
  • Clear messages
  • Lock and unlock channels
  • More to be added
  • Good-quality moderation logging using =logging <channel>
  • Guess the number
  • Rock paper scissors
  • More to be added
Fun commands
  • Animal pictures
  • Howgay and howsimp generator
  • Random quotes
  • 8ball
  • Truth or dare
  • Roll die
  • Love calculator
  • More to be added
Server utility
  • Server suggestions
  • Polls
Economy (getting developed)
  • Beg for money
  • Wallet and bank
  • Other features currently being developed
Other features
  • Send anonymous messages
  • Report bugs and suggestions for the bot using =bug
  • General commands such as info and invite
  • Avatar, ping latency
  • User mail using =dm
  • Option to opt-out of DMs from bot

Get started by doing =help

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