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A statics bot for Brawl Stars which makes really easy to look at in-game stats. Get your in game stats, club info, in-game map info and more


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  • Brawlup is a Brawl Stars stats bot which helps you to get more information of a members' Brawl Stars account without entering the game! You can get your in game stats, club info, in game map info and more. Just save your tag and look at your stats really easily ✨
  • Important Thing About The Bot: Bot is multilangual, you can change your server language with `bs set-lang` command. Brawlup has 5 prefixes, you can use whatever prefix you want (bs, b!, @Brawlup, bs., bs!). If you have any questions, please come to our support server to ask them. 📌
  • Bot Commands ([]: Required - {}: Optional):
  • Description Usage
    To see all of the commands bs help
    To save your Brawl Stars tag bs save [#tag]
    To see your in-game stats bs profile {@user/#tag}
    To see your brawlers bs brawlers {@user/#tag}
    To see your Brawl Stars battle log bs log {@user/#tag}
    To see your in-game club stats bs club {@user/#tag}
    To set a channel where your club stats will be refreshed every time a member reacts bs clubchannel [#tag]
    To see an in-game map bs map [map-name]
    To see the active and upcoming events in-game bs events
    To change your servers' language bs set-lang [language-code]

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