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This bot will match your profile with a second user, you will be able to speak into the channel of your actual guild with your new friend !




[DEV] Mat

[DEV] Mat

The bot is actualy only in French 🇫🇷, the help command is m!aide, to create your account you can use meet, to set your age use m!age [age], to set your gender use m!sexe [homme/femme], you can choose what kind of relation you're looking for: m!cherche [ami/amour] you can also set your hobbies with the command m!passions.
When your account is ready, your own channel will be created in the guild, into this channel you can use m!join to start finding new persons to speak with ! This can take some time, be patient. To speak with a new person use again m!join.
To see your profile use the command m!me

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