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An Egg Collecting Game for Easter! Gather over 200 unique eggs, find 30 rare collectibles and purify a corrupted land!






Cracklefest - The Egg Collecting Discord Bot For Easter

What is this bot?

It is a Easter Themed Egg Incremental Game with Fictional RPG Elements and a story that changes based on your server! You can compete with others to have the most eggs, find all the collectibles and purify corrupted lands!

Wait.. you said story?! What is it about?

clears throat

Jethro the King hosts an event every year called Cracklefest. His people, The Conoras, make eggs and decorate them and shares them with each other.

But an evil entity known as the Crimson Wizard invades Coneyford and cause corruption everywhere! Ever since that day, The lands were never the same and The Conoras struggled to survive.

And thats where you come in with your server! They need help and you have a chance to not only enjoy egg collecting but explore mystical and enchanting lands with different interactions!

⠀ ⠀

That's awesome! But.. what exactly do you do?

You collect eggs, sell them for gold and use your gold to upgrade your basket to explore more areas at once and increase your storage to hold more eggs!

Your goal is to have the most eggs in your basket or find all the rare eggs by the end of April!

How do you get eggs?

You collect eggs by exploring different parts of the land of Coneyford or bringing egg clusters that spawn on the server to an egg smith break into pieces.

You can get extra clusters and gold by visiting your mailbox! You heard right! The citizens of Coneyford send you mail to help you out!

What else can you do with the eggs?

You can donate eggs to corrupted areas to purify them or trade them with other people for eggs you may want from them! You can also save eggs in a special display case for others to see!

Do I have to try to have the most eggs in order to get a role?

Absolutely not! This bot allows you to be chill and collect the rare eggs to get an alternative role called the Cracklefest Collector.

Can you customize the bot?

Yes you can! There are loads of ways to configure the bot to your server no matter what size or activity it has! There is even manuals and instructions of how to use it!

Are you the same guy who made that An Elf's Christmas Bot?

Yes I am and you can expect this bot to be just as addicting and 100x more stable! Thanks to many big time servers with over 10k people, I was able to make the perfect bot for all of you!

How long is this bot going to last?

Until the end of May! Everyone has free range of what they want todo while the bot is active!

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