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Spoiler Channels

A bot that manages spoiler channels. Members can set the topic of these channels and are prevented from reading spoilers of older topics.



Spoiler Channels

A Discord bot for managing spoiler channels. Members can change the channel's topic, and large amount of whitespace prevents members from reading spoilers of older topics.

Quick Guide

  1. spoiler>channel add in the channel you want to use as spoilers channel.
  2. spoiler>topic [topic] to set the topic of the channel. You can reuse this command to change the topic.


spoiler>topic [topic] - Set the topic of a spoilers channel. If no topic is provided the channel will be set to having no topic.

The following commands are for mods only. A mod is someone with the permission to manage channels, roles or messages.

spoiler>prefix [prefix] - Set the prefix for the commands.

spoiler>channel ['add'/'remove']- Add or remove a channel as spoilers channel.

spoiler>permit ['all'/'mods'/role] - Set who is allowed to change the topic of the channels.

spoiler>name [name] - Set the base name of the channel. A hyphen (-) is automatically added between the name and topic.

spoiler>warning [text] - Set the warning text displayed upon changing the channel's topic. The text "{topic}" will be replaced with the topic.

spoiler>timeout [hours] - Set after how many hours of inactivity the channel's topic should be reset. Default is 24 hours. Use 0 to never auto-reset.

Example usage

After watching Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince I want to discuss the movie with other members. I use spoiler>topic Harry Potter to change the topic to Harry Potter. By using the command a message appears that warns me for spoilers of the previous topic, Star Wars. Large amount of whitespace requires members to scroll up to read the spoilers for Star Wars.

After I'm done talking about Harry Potter I reset the channel to having no topic. Another warning appears for the Harry Potter topic.

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