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This is an extremely new bot, it’s main use right now is moderation, it also has some other great features!




mc mistake

mc mistake

$warn this will allow you to warn a user if needed. $mute this will prevent a desired user from typing, reacting, or sending images in your server. $unmute this will revoke the muted role from the desired user that you previously muted. $kick this will remove the desired person from your discord server if needed, but they can join back at any time. $ban this will remove the desired person from your discord server, without an opportunity to rejoin unless they are unbanned by you / another staff member "pog" or any other variant it will send an embedded image of the pogchamp emote into the chat the command was said. $pfp this will get the avatar of a desired user in the server. $coinflip this will flip a coin for fun, or if you need to decide something. $staffhelp this will show all the commands that staff will need. $help this will send you a direct message of the up to date commands

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