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Oldschool runescape market utilities Get the live prices of items, generate graphs of the price history and view the top margins!






Welcome to Flopper! Flopper is a OSRS flipping utility bot, helping you maximise your profit using the Grand Exchange.

While this is a short introduction to its features, make sure to use !help [command] to view all details about any specific commands.


!price tbow This command gives you the most recent price, margin, volume and limits of an item.


!graph torstol --weekly --volume Displays a chart with the item price over a period of time. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the --weekly and --volume flags!


!top View the top margins on the GE of the moment! Customize this list with your own filters such as min-volume:10k max-price:100m

Overnight [item]

!overnight black dhide Displays price and percentile information over the last period. You should use this to place your offers overnight, using the instasold column as your buy offers, and instabuy for your sell offers.

!overnight items

Gives a list of random items suitable for overnight. By default, it matches these criterias:

  • price > 1k
  • price <25k
  • limit > 5k
  • volume > 100k You can tweak them using the relevant options. Top !top --f2p sort:roi page:3 max:1m Displays the top 10 margins. Can be sorted by roi, margin or movement. Can be and filtered by price and volume, f2p and more using the various options.

track [item]

!track cannonball above:200 Starts tracking an item's price. When the price of a tracked item changes, and it matches your criterias, you will be sent a DM with its old and new information. Usefull to ensure you are not undercut, and to track price drops or hikes.

!track list

Lists the items you are currently tracking and their criterias.

!track stop [item]

Stop tracking an item, or all items with the --all flag.

And more!

Check out the !help command to list all available features.


Power users: Make sure to check out the shorthand syntax of the commands! Most commands and arguments have a short notation, such as !g tbow -w instead of !graph twisted bow --weekly. Details are available under the !help [command] section.

Numbers should be available using a RS notation, such as 100k to represent 100 000. Item names can use common acronyms or variants, such as tbow for twisted bow, or dhide for dragonhide. You can also use the item ID if you know it. If there are acronyms missing, let me know and I'll add them!

Jargon argument - The data you pass to a command, such as tbow in !price tbow flag - An option you can specify using --flag (or -f), having a true or false value. option - An option which has a value, such as 100k in !overnight item max:100k. It can be called by its name, followed by : and a value.

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