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No Webhooks

A simple discord bot that disables webhooks.


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No Webhooks is a simple utility discord bot that, as the name suggests, disables webhooks. No Webhooks may conflict with other bots if they use webhooks (examples include Not Quite Nitro and HyperChat). The bot has no commands (none are needed). It Just Works™

Why might you want this?

Webhooks are URLs that you can use to send a message. Webhooks are, in general, secure, and their presence is not a problem. However, raiders sometimes use webhooks to spam messages (webhooks can send @everyone pings). If your server is at risk of raids or staff abuse and none of the bots in your server use webhooks, this bot is a great precaution.

Permissions Explanation:

  • Administrator: Permission overrides for all channels; if a new channel gets created then the bot can automatically remove webhooks, and it can remove webhooks from existing channels without any additional configuration.

  • Manage Webhooks: Required if you do not select Administrator; allows the bot to remove webhooks.


The bot is open-source. View the source code here:


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