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Why settle for a Plain and Boring bot when you can have Eri! The tsundere bot. The very first Discord Bot with Personality!


eri / @Eri




Random Code Generator Command!

New Command for ERI! She gives off a random 6-digit code for those who are "cultured" enough to know where to use it ;) Codes are also categorized Use "eri help" command to view Full Command List!


eri help - Gives bot commands

eri wyr - This give random Would you Rather Questions

eri wml - This gives random Who's most likely Questions

eri truth or dare - This gives random truth and dare Questions

eri nhie - This gives random question from a set of Never Have I Ever Questions

eri goodmorning - This sends a random goodmorning response from a set of greeting from Eri Bot.

eri how are you - Gives random

eri iloveyou

eri fortune - This gives a random luck/fortune quote from eri

eri code random - Gives random 6-digit code for those cultured members ;>

There are also words that trigger Eri Bot's comments and funny messages such as:

eri marry me, eri date me

She also responds to words that are not scoped with an eri prefix

Makes sure to vote for eri on using the command - eri vote

She's also capable of sending messages when members say word like...

"Hello", "Goodafternoon", and as well as "Bye" and "Goodbye".

We will soon make sure to add more commands as much as possible that are text based. Please make sure to comment your suggested commands that can be added to Eri's List.

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