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An RPG bot with a theme of beans that includes unique encounters and amazing battles



Start Account Command - This command will create an account for you within our database Profile Command - This command will list almost all of your stats within your account Inventory Command - This command will list all of the items in your inventory Help Command - This command wil give more in depth descriptions of all of the commands. Battle Command - When using this command you need to mention which user you want to attack, when you do, you will deal damage to your opponent equal to your damaga stat. Drip Beans - This is one of the most important commands in the game as it allows you to collect beans every 5 minutes Invite Command - After using this command, the bot will send the invite link so you can invite Bean Drip to any other server. Cooldowns Command - This command will show you all of the commands that have cooldowns and how much time before you can use those commands again. Create Bean Factory Command - Once you acquire 50,000 beans, you will be able to create a bean factory that is like a group of people that get boosts by helping eachother. This factories can also participate in wars. Leave factory - If you are not the Owner of your factory then after using this command, you will have left from your factory Donate Beans - If you are in a factory then you can donate beans to your factory by using this command and lisiting how many beans you want to donate There are MANY more commands so in order to see them all, type bn-help [page number] wherever bean drip is.

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