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Enhance your Discord Guild with Syxty, Use the wide range of commands!


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What is Syxty?

Syxty is a multi-purpose discord bot that enhances your Guild's experience with a LARGE quantity of commands to explore.

What can Syxty do?

Syxty is capable of doing many things that may help / enrich your Guild, including Moderational features such as [ban], [kick] or maybe have a laugh at some memes with your friends using [meme], jam out to music using `play` or even spice up your server using [serverconfig]. Syxty has it ALL and never ceases to amaze people.

What can we expect?

Syxty will never be offline due to host side issues, our team thrive in making Syxty truly 24/7, and we're near that, we make sure when our latest update is ready, we push it out ASAP so that you can enjoy!


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