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Multi-Purpouse bot: The idea of this bot is to serve as an all in 1 tool. Currently, the bot includes moderation commands,message tracking, chat filter, calculators, customizable welcome messages, suggestion system, music, and support tickets. A feature called global chat is cominng soon, it will allow users to talk to eachother from their own server using this bot. If you require assistance, would like to suggest a feature, or anything, contact Nesanco#0001 on discord or join the support server. Commands and usage:

  • $allmessages Displays the total messages sent from every discord server using this bot.
  • $mymessages Displays your messages sent from every discord server using this bot.
  • $mymessagesreset Resets your message count.
  • $myprofile Displays your profile picture
  • $clear -ammount- Clears the ammount of given messages.
  • $warn -user- -reason- Warns the user for the given reason.
  • $warnings -user- Tells you the ammount of warnings the user has.
  • $uptime Tells you the ammount of time the bot has been up for.
  • $support Creates a support ticket.
  • $close Closes the ticket that the command is typed in.
  • $resetdigits Resets the ticket counter.
  • $help 1 Displays page 1 of help commands.
  • $help 2 Displays page 2 of help commands.
  • $filter -yes/no- Enables or disables the chat filter.
  • $warnremove -user- -ammount of warnings to remove- Removes the given ammount of warnings from the given user.
  • $botsupport Links the support server and the invite to the bot.
  • $addition -number- -number- Adds the 2 given numbers.
  • $subtract -number- -number- Subtracts the 2 given numbers.
  • $setwelcome -channel id- -what you want the welcome embed to say- Sets the welcome embed to the given channel id.
  • $unsetwelcome Unsets the welcome channel embed.
  • $play -youtube or soundcloud link- Plays the given music.
  • $skip Skips the currently playing track.
  • $pause Pauses the music.
  • $unpause UnPauses the music.
  • $list Lists all the upcomming music.
  • $disconnect Makes the bot leave the channel.
  • $setupsupport Automaticly creates the needs for the ticket feature to work.
  • $suggestset -channel id- Sets the suggestion channel to the given id so all suggestion commands must be done there and others will be deleted.
  • $suggestunset Unsets the suggestion channel
  • $suggest -suggestion- Sends the suggestion as an embed, must be in suggestion channel
  • $setleave -channel id- -what you want the leave message to say- Sets the leave channel
  • $unsetleave Unsets the leave channel

How to set up the ticket feature: 1. Simply type $setupsupport 2. The command would've created a role called "Support" and "Tickets", do not change the names of these but you can change permissions and colors 3. Your all set! Very simple and easy!

Online: (24/7)

The music bot will stay in your channel for 3 minutes after music stops playing, after that it will leave the voice channel.

Anyone with the following permissions will be able to use the moderation commands: -Manage Messages

Many new features comming soon.

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